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About Us

About Our Founder


Gary Beatty is a life long self confessed foodie who had started his first garden when he was 8.
His first job was at a catering company across the street when he was 13, making $1.50 an hour
and all he could eat. The first real job he had was washing dishes at Frisch’s and later went onto
work at one of Cincinnati’s 5 Star restaurants. So you could say he’s always been into food.
Now with more additives than ever, higher risk of diabetes, obesity and food related health
issues Gary is committed to ensure food safety and to provide a premium, fresh never frozen
shrimp to the local market.

Our Story


Inland Shrimp Company was started as an idea almost 12 years ago while Gary was selling
farms and farmland and witnessed firsthand the external factors that farmers were up against
with crop farmers getting too much or too little water affecting their harvest. The pig and cattle
farmers were practically “married” to their herds and couldn’t leave them to even go on a vacation
and the huge strain of resources it took to get them big enough to go to market. Being a lifelong
seafood lover the idea to raise shrimp was born. Except here in the Midwest there’s no saltwater, everything’s frozen and a few who raise freshwater prawns outdoors. With all of the USA having a temperate climate this only allowed for a “one season harvest “almost as a hobby farmer. With
outdoor production you use a lot of water , worry about drought, water quality, predation ( even
wild animals and birds love shrimp too ) and you still only get one harvest down in the Southern
States. So there’s definitely not enough production capacity and climate to supply people,
restaurants and grocery stores. So the idea for an indoor shrimp farm was born. This way we
could control the environment and all of the external factors affecting production and offer year
round shrimp to the masses. Through the use of patented technology and a proprietary high
growth, high nutrient feed formula.

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