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"Raising the Freshest
Seafood Inland"

How fresh is your shrimp ?

Why Raise Shrimp?
Inland Shrimp vs. Traditional Shrimp Farms
Delicious shrimpwith sausage, rice and scallions

"You Are What You Eat" - Gary Beatty, Founder


Behind oil, seafood is the 2nd most imported commodity into the USA. Shrimp is
the #1 consumed seafood worldwide and the USA is the #1 consumer of shrimp
in the world. We import almost 95% of what we eat from countries who don’t abide by USDA rules, who use banned chemicals like steroids, hormones and antibiotics that are illegal here. Only 2% or so of the seafood imported into the USA is USDA inspected, which is really scary. Right now the USA is accepting imported shrimp from countries that don't care about your food safety ! 

Beautiful sandy beach where most people think their shrimp comes from
Comparison chart of Inland Shrimp Company's farming methods vs. " Other " farm methods.
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